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Jack and Pat Day Hartwell have been raising sheep since 1979. Our love of these animals spread to an interest in hand spinning and we joined the Weaving, Spinning & Fiber Art Guild of Idaho Falls in the late 1980s to learn spinning, dyeing, weaving and felting. We MOVED to Caldwell, Idaho in 2013 where we have an even larger shop and we have twice the amount of land.  Pat belongs to the Handweavers Guild of Boise (which she just loves), the Emmett/Sweet Spinners and the Snake River Fiber Artists. 

This is our shearer taking the coat off of one of the colored Romney yearlings on shearing day.

Our goal as a Fiber Shop is to furnish high quality products to fiber artists at the lowest possible price. Click on the pages on the menu to the left and you will find:

         Alpaca from our 5 alpacas 

We are waiting for our Lambs for 2017, they are do in March!

Beautiful  luxurious white yarn for knitting, weaving or felting:  soft wool, blends with bamboo, silk, Cashmere, alpaca, silk, nylon  ribbon, mohair and more 

  •  Knitting needles, dyes and textile paints, tools to save time and effort working with yarn


  • Quick orders on multi-harness looms, floor looms take a little longer to get.


  •  Low prices on many spinning and weaving products.                      

  • One of our new Alpacas (Ande) and

            our youngest grand daughter.



  • Update your wheel with a double treadle, bigger flyers and bobbins 


  •  All new wheels come with 2 free spinning lessons


  • Ashford's products including easy to use Rigid Heddle looms and the Elizabeth 2 (the queen of affordable spinning wheels.

 Schactt's mighty wolf, baby wolf and wolf pup

  • Kromski's rigid heddle looms and wheels  The new FANTASIA

  See the Winter news page for Sales, Specials and New features.

Nearly 1,000 spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting and felting products are kept in stock for your review and purchase.

More than 100,000 products are available through our suppliers and  our variety of sheep, angora goats and alpacas. If would like to purchase any item from our suppliers not shown here, please email us and we will make appropriate arrangements.

We will fill your orders as quickly as we can. Call or email us about your needs.

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As of August 29, 2005, we are using PayPal. We know many of our customers will enjoy using  this method to purchase items.

For those who prefer using a check, that just fine - we'll continue doing business with you as always.

We hope the convenience of this website will help you find the items you need to fully enjoy your "fiber habit."

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A shawl woven on my Triangle loom using my handspun yarn and 4 naturally brown colors of our moorit sheep.

 OUR RANCH STORE is in the process of opening, it is enlarged and greatly improved. Give us a call and come by.





A RomedaleX lamb with its naturally brown features.

 A Lincoln lamb


  The picture in our logo is of Maria, our Registered Colored Romney ewe and her twin ewe lambs, Meadow and Mulberry.     

 Thank you for visiting!

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